Veterans Rock Aims to Help Local Vets through New Technology Training

Veterans Rock Aims to Help Local Vets through New Technology Training

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Veterans Rock of Prescott, Arizona has a mission, to train more than 30 Veterans by the end of the year 2020 how to use new technology via iPads that will allow them to learn new skills in comfortable and supportive way at the American Legion (in Prescott). The training is designed with the purpose to help Veterans reintegrate into society, employment, and generally feel confident and become adept with new technological systems. Veterans Rock is a 501-c3 non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of life for Veterans through new technology training that allows them to learn new skills in a comfortable and supportive way.

New technology can be intimidating for anyone, and when someone starts to feel “out of the loop”, it’s that much harder to get back in. As is known and scientifically documented, Veterans have significant hurdles to climb (e.g. higher rates of PTSD, depression and anxiety, and feelings of isolation) after their sacrifice in service. Veterans Rock aims to increase the feelings of integration into community and society in general as well as self-sufficiency though the main service of introduction and instruction using modern technology.

Veterans Rock provides an unintimidating and supportive way that the command over new technology is well within the grasp of nearly all Veterans, and being able to use this new technology has many benefits. It bolsters self-esteem, allows them to connect with loved ones far away through videochats, we teach how to search via YouTube and Google, how to safely navigate the internet, and much, much more.

Courses for Veterans on Understanding New Technology Include:

  • Basic use of technology
  • Safety in navigating the Internet
  • Instruction by qualified trainers
  • Video chatting with friends and relatives, taking and organizing pictures and videos
  • Understanding email, personalization, and social media to the degree there is interest
  • Veterans resources
  • A structured and friendly learning environment that can be tailored to meet special needs


Key Aspects of Instruction Employed by Qualified Trainers:

  • Flexible and tailored syllabus
  • Self-paced
  • Veteran is in the driver’s seat
  • Instructor is the Wingman
  • In person demonstration
  • Instruction manual included
  • Hands on practice
  • Think Out Loud Protocol
  • Constructive feedback

As a Veteran completes the course, she or he will continue to receive support and guidance toward:

  • Community and Veterans Resources
  • Opportunities for Employment
  • Local University Programs
  • Career Counselors

Veterans Rock has so much to offer Veterans in the area and is always looking for support. To learn more about Veterans Rock, visit If you would like to apply for a class, visit

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