Madden 20: All the best tackle breaking Ultimate Team players

Madden 20: All the best tackle breaking Ultimate Team players

Defense wins championships is an age old saying. Of course, perhaps the most fundamental aspect of defense is tackling. If you can’t stop anyone what’s the point of even showing up?

Conversely, as an offensive player, however fast or slow, strong or weak you are, if you can break tackles you can be a weapon. On Madden, there isn’t much that is more infuriating than a player breaking your best attempts at tackles all the way to the endzone, or more satisfying when you’re the one doing it.

In order to do that, you’re going to need a little help. Which players are going to be the best at running through defenders for your team?

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Christian Okoye, Legends (92 OVR)

Position: FB

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 358k/PS4 – 370k/PC – 471k

Christian Okoye, the Nigerian Nightmare. Arguably one of the most entertaining ball carriers of the last few generations because he played with complete disregard for the player in front of him (unless you’re Steve Atwater).

6’1”, 253 lbs, 88 speed, 90 strength, 93 trucking, 92 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm and 92 carrying. That’s just not fair. Add in 88 lead block, 84 run blocking and 92 impact blocking and he is a backfield do it all.

While he is a FB, he is still 93 OVR at RB so you could put him there. However, imagine running a triple option, full back dive or an old school playbook which features heavy doses of FB carries with Okoye in that spot? Watch. Out.

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Saquon Barkley, MUT Heroes (91 OVR)

Position: RB

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 250k/PS4 – 259k/PC – 230k

Of course Barkley is on here. The second year back has been incredible in his short NFL career, thanks to his incredible contact balance, strength and ability to bounce off contact.

Where Okoye is raw power, Barkley can do it all. He has 89 speed, 93 agility, 89 spin move and 90 juke move, with 78 strength, 80 trucking, 82 stiff arm and, of course, 93 break tackle. Add in 74 catching and Barkley never needs to leave the field.

If you can splash out the coins for Barkley, you’ll be leaving a lot of frustrated players behind you.

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Dante Hall, Most Feared (93 OVR)

Position: WR

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 1.1m/PS4 – 958k/PC – N/A

The Human Joystick. If you earn a nickname like that, you obviously did something very right during your career, and as you may have guessed, Hall’s came from his ability to make people miss and break slip around contact.

Overall, he isn’t great as a pure receiver. With 84 catch, 79 catch in traffic, 78 spectacular catch, 82 short route running, 78 medium and 81 deep, but just getting the ball in his hands means trouble. Especially as a returner, that’s when he comes into his own. 94 return, 92 speed, 93 agility, 94 elusiveness, 94 ball carrier vision, 93 spin move, 94 juke move and 93 break tackle.

He is so slippery. But is around a million coins worth a kick returner and gimmick offensive player?

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Melvin Gordon II, Master (93 OVR)

Position: RB

Break Tackle: 90

Auction House Value: Xbox – 316k/PS4 – 321k/PC – 299k

Based on this season, for the most part, this card may seem like it is overrating Gordon. But the last two weeks should serve as a reminder of how good a runner he is. This Series 2 Master card reflects that.

While he isn’t quite as complete a weapon as Barkley, Gordon is no slouch. 89 speed, 89 agility, 78 trucking, 88 elusiveness, 91 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm, 83 spin move, 95 juke move and 90 break tackle. He also has 92 carrying so is unlikely to fumble.

Gordon’s juking and break tackle ability are a problem, and you could run wild with them.

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Mark Ingram, Series Redux (TOTW) (91 OVR)

Position: RB

Break Tackle: 90

Auction House Value: Xbox – 159k/PS4 – 150k/PC – 190k

By far the cheapest option on here, and though he may lack some of the gaudy ratings of the other guys on the list, his versatility as a runner make him an excellent value tackle breaker.

Ingram does a lot of the dirty work for the Ravens while Lamar Jackson provides the highlights, but this card gives Ingram the love he deserves. He only has 86 speed, but he makes up for it with 80 strength, 91 trucking, 85 stiff arm, 80 spin move, 90 juke move, 90 carrying and 90 break tackle.

There is no running situation that he needs to sub out, and for his price he’s a bargain.


Best Breaking Tackle players in MUT

Player Position Team Program Overall Break Tackle
Christian Okoye FB Kansas City Chiefs Legends 92 93
Sauon Barkley RB New York Giants MUT Heroes 91 93
Dante Hall WR Kansas City Chiefs Most Feared 93 93
Melvin Gordon III RB Los Angeles Chargers Master 93 90
Mark Ingram II RB Baltimore Ravens Series Redux (TOTW) 91 90
LeVeon Bell RB New York Jets Series Redux (Most Feared) 93 90
Ezekiel Elliot RB Dallas Cowboys Signature Series 92 90
Jim Brown RB Cleveland Browns Legends 91 90
Chris Carson RB Seattle Seahawks Ultimate Kickoff 90 90
Todd Gurley II RB Los Angeles Rams MUT Superstars 90 89
Alvin Kamara RB New Orleans Saints Series Redux (MUT Heroes) 92 89
Bo Jackson RB Oakland Raiders Series Redux (MUT 10) 91 89
Mark Ingram RB New Orleans Saints Flashbacks 90 89
Gale Sayers RB Chicago Bears Legends 91 89
Clinton Portis RB Washington Redskins Legends 92 88
Terrell Owens WR San Francisco 49ers Legends 91 88
Deion Sanders CB Dallas Cowboys Series Redux (MUT 10) 92 88
Nick Chubb RB Cleveland Browns TOTW 90 88
Donald Driver WR Green Bay Packers Legends 93 87
Deuce McAllister RB New Orleans Saints Theme Diamonds 89 87

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