MoonX’s exchange trading technology launches in the UK

MoonX's exchange trading technology launches in the UK

Dr. Nithin Palavalli, Founder and CEO, MoonX

Geneva-based exchange platform MoonX has launched its new trading technology in the UK in a bid to facilitate the provision of a full suite of financial software and hardware for exchanges, brokerages, hedge funds, financial institutions, and traders.

Dr. Nithin Palavalli, Founder and Chief Executive, MoonX commented, “We observed that the flow of trading is often hindered by obsolete technology and redundant dataflow structures, used by many parts of the financial sWith our MoonX exchange and suite of solutions we are delivering speed, scalability, security and smart surveillance solutions. The speed we provide to businesses means we enhance their efficiency by bringing more opportunities for savings that too consistently for a longer period of time. We are using trusted traditional financial technologies and the blockchain architecture to meet the needs of the modern financial market and enhance trading capabilities in the UK.”

The supplier, established in 2017, states that it matches 25 million Transactions Per Second (TPS) through the patent-pending Matching Engine technology. The exchange is built with enterprise-grade security and utilizes AI, facial and mood recognition technology.

MoonX’s exchange platform provides clients with custodian services through blockchain, wallet solution, risk management system, security consulting services to exchanges, wallets, integrators, and co-location participants as well as provides NOC and SOC services.

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