Midlanders to use new voting technology this election

Midlanders to use new voting technology this election

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) – Election day is coming, and Midland voters are about to be introduced to some new tech meant to show voters that their votes are secure.

These express voting booths are a hybrid of electronic and paper ballot voting.

With this system, voters will make their voting selections onscreen but then a ballot will be printed so they can review their choices on paper.

The elections office said they introduced the hybrid because it gives voters peace of mind that the computer didn’t glitch.

“So, I think this makes the public feel more secure that yes, electronically, there is the electronic component but it is working exactly the way it’s supposed to and printing off the ballot exactly the way they made the selection,” Midland County Elections Administrator Deborah Land said.

Elections officials said they expects more and more counties throughout the state to start using the hybrid system over the next few years.

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