How To Find Your Missing Sixth ‘The Outer Worlds’ Crew Member (Which I Never Did)

How To Find Your Missing Sixth ‘The Outer Worlds’ Crew Member (Which I Never Did)

I just finished playing The Outer Worlds, a game which I very much loved, and very much thought I had explored fully. Well, despite doing as much as I could before the end, I found that I still had not been to a few planets on the map, nor had I ever found my sixth missing crew member.

I learned later that everyone has a number of planets that are left blank, possibly for DLC, possibly because maybe some of them are uninhabitable and there’s nothing there despite the game giving them names.

But that missing crew member? I went from zone to zone looking for them, assuming I would come across them eventually. I never found them. Did I accidentally kill them? Did I miss some dialogue option with an NPC that made me never find them? I had to investigate.

What I found made me slap my forehead, and I wonder if I’m alone.

As it turns out, my missing sixth crew member was quite literally on my ship the entire game. That would be “SAM” a maintenance robot that the old captain of the ship was trying to program to be more than it was.

SAM hangs out in a maintenance closet on the kitchen/crew room level of the Unreliable. He is quite literally just sitting there the entire game, waiting for you to talk to him, which will lead you to add him to your crew and do his loyalty quest and all of that.

It wasn’t until after I fully beat the game that the end credits informed me of SAM’s whereabouts, and when I went to find him, there he was, just sitting there. I must have walked by him a hundred times and not really even noticed he was there. Pretty much all the robots in this game are either just maintenance bots doing nothing or robots that are trying to kill you, so I didn’t even notice he had a name above his head.

I am going to leave SAM alone, and not go back and replay the “point of no return” era of the game to unlock him. I am content that he just wasn’t a part of my journey, but if you are still in the middle of The Outer Worlds and are also wondering when you’re going to find that missing crew member, I thought I should at least let you know where he is. The others are pretty hard to miss because they all come up directly in the main story campaign, and you have to manually choose to add them to your team (or not). SAM can be ignored the entire game if you simply don’t notice him like I did, which makes me think a lot of other players are going to be in the same boat as me here.

I don’t know if SAM is a cool robot or not, but if he’s anything like the other companions in this game, he’s probably worth hanging out with. I also bet he’s good at hacking.

Anyway, I hope this helped you assemble your full crew. Maybe I’ll replay the game eventually and see what SAM offers, but for now, he’s still in that closet to this day.

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