Andover school bus camera technology is helping to improve driver safety

Andover school bus camera technology is helping to improve driver safety

ANDOVER, Kan. A new technology is helping to improve bus driver safety in the Andover Public Schools District, it features a camera and it’s called DriveCam.
Andover is one of six school districts in the state to have the cameras and they’ve had it for a year. The buses can do be operated if the cameras don’t work.

“That’s why we say safety is number 1 because nothing else really matters,” says Brent Sawdy.

Brent Sawdy, an Andover bus driver says safety is number one and nothing else really matter. He’s been driving for 17 years and says he’s noticed his driving improve since the technology launched. Here’s how it works, in the event a bus driver hits a curb, runs a light or breaks too hard the camera light goes from green to red. The video is recorded and sent from California back to the school dispatch.

“Anything we do to help become safer drivers we’re gonna have safer kids,” said Sawdy.

Before making a left turn from Andover Road onto 13th street a bus driver recently avoided being hit by a car running a red light. One woman says she thanks that driver for stopping, because her grankids were on that bus.

“It made me so happy that that was my grandchildren’s driver because he took that extra time to look and he stopped,” says Luki Kirkland, the Andover Safety Training Supervisor.

Kirkland says this is how the technology helps. If a driver’s camera were to light up red she would coach that driver, address the problem, and keep them accountable, protecting the lives of children. She says this makes sure the right person is in the drivers seat.

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