8 ways to have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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It’s almost time to dress your kids in their favorite costumes and take them trick or treating. While Halloween is a fun time, you want to make sure you and your family are safe.

Here are some eight safety tips to ensure a safe and happy Halloween.

1. Brighten your costumes—Most trick or treating doesn’t happen until after the sun goes down, and why wouldn’t it? It’s more exciting that way. However, it’s hard for drivers to see a person dressed in dark clothing at night. If you or your child does not have a bright costume, attach reflective tape to their clothes.

2. Wear warm clothing if chilly—The weather is unpredictable these days, but should the temperatures drop Halloween night, make sure there’s enough room under your costumes for an extra layer of clothing. You want to make sure you and your child are warm, especially if you plan to be out trick or treating for a while.

3. Travel in groups—There’s safety in numbers, plus it’s more fun to trick or treat with others. Check with your family and friends to see what their plans are. If they’re available, make a group trip out of it. Groups are also perfect for keeping the little ones together.

4. Eat a full meal before—It’s every child’s dream to over-indulge in candy and chocolate on Halloween night. However, too much of it, especially without a proper meal, can upset their stomachs and damage their teeth. Make sure you and your family eat a filling, nutritious meal before having any candy. For trick or treating, give your kids smaller bags or buckets instead of larger ones.

5. Check your stash—Always check your candy before eating. Make sure they’re wrapped properly. Throw out any suspicious-looking pieces, like a torn wrapper or one with holes in it. Press down on them to feel for sharp objects. Don’t accept homemade treats.

6. Put rules in place—Set a standard with your child about how much candy they can have, such as two to three pieces a day. Keep the same rule in place for the coming days and hide the stash so that they can’t get to it when you’re not around.

7. Get moving—After eating all that candy, engage in a fun exercise routine with your family to help burn off that extra sugar and calories. Exercising together is a great way to keep your kids active, so they don’t become sluggish or develop health problems. It’s also an opportunity to teach them about healthy eating habits and the importance of eating candy in moderation.

8. Hand out non-sugary treats—Trick or treating doesn’t have to be all about candy. You can hand out other fun items like pencils, small toys, and stickers. Or, you can take a healthier route and give out packaged nuts, raisins, and fruit.

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