Does Insulin Regulate the Variability in Life Span?

If you want to live longer, the lifestyle of oldest people should be a model for you. You should be interested why centenarians become centenarians and what they do for live that long.

Is it because they have low cholesterol?

Is it because they eat natural food?

Is it because they exercise a lot and live a clean life?

Jean Calumet of France, is the longest recorded known person who has ever lived. In 2001 when she died, was 122 years old. Well, if you want to learn about her lifestyle, you should know she smoked all of her life and drank.

As far as I know, there are three major studies targeting centenarian life and habits around the world. All of them are trying to reveal the facts that would confer longevity among these people.

The conclusion on these major centenarian studies is that there is hardly to put anything in common among all of them. There are centenarians with high cholesterol and low cholesterol, some smoke and some don’t, some exercise and some don’t, some drink and some are abstinent. Some are nice and calm. On the contrary some are nasty and tense.

But they still have something in common: a low sugar level in their blood, relatively for their age. They all have low triglycerides for their age. And they all have relatively low insulin.

Is this an opportunity to think that the differences in life span are regulated by insulin?

Source by Valerian D.