The Great Revolution in Facial Bio-Stimulation

Facial Bio-Stimulation through Activated Growth Factors (PRP) with Ozone

Facial Bio-Stimulation stands for platelet rich plasma growth factors (PRP) where the PRP combines with ozone, resulting in a treatment specially designed to give your face extra brightness and vitality.

Facial Bio-Stimulation is a simple outpatient technique based on the localized application of autologous plasma rich in growth factors to the face; autologous meaning plasma extracted from your own body. The growth factors, which are soluble proteins contained in platelets, are responsible for transmitting signals to the cells to begin forming new tissue.

By activating fibroblast functions and the cells responsible for determining the structure and quality of the skin, Facial Bio-Stimulation (PRP) initiates the process of regeneration to the connective tissue and promotes the development of new blood vessels, effectively reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity .

This simple but powerful procedure produces a brighter, healthier, smoother and more rejuvenated looking skin.

Various experimental studies have shown that intradermal infiltration of growth factors in Facial Bio-Stimulation (PRP) produces the following effects:

• Increases fibroblast proliferation, improving skin's appearance

• Boosts the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (naturally toning and firming)

• Stimulates the production of connective tissue (essential for the smoothness of the skin).

• Slows the skin's aging process

• Helps cell regeneration.

• Produces a physiological process stimulating dermal regeneration, ie new tissue that functions similarly to the original without scaring.

Pairing an ozone application immediately prior to the intradermal plasma injections dramatically increases the treatment's effectiveness and duration by supplying better nutrition to the skin.

Facial Bio-Stimulation (PRP) is for people who want to improve skin texture and particularly in cases of skin disorders such as scars, atrophic areas, undernourished skin, and stretch marks.

Although the results are noticeable approximately 20 days after the first application as growth factors begin to activate, we recommend 3 sessions distributed evenly every 21 to 27 days for maximum effectiveness.

There is no risk of your body rejecting any autologous blood product since the plasma is extracted from your own body, making it unique among the other dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes to perform. It's recommended to get multiple procedures but the actual amount will depend on the patient and their desired results. For the best results, a series of one to three procedures are recommended each 4 to 5 weeks apart.

Facial Bio-Stimulation (PRP) does not hurt but may be accompanied by some temporary minor discomfort and have no known side effects. However, after the session, slight blushing, swelling and / or small bruises may appear to the treated area due to the microinjections that generally disappear after 30 minutes.

PRP's effectiveness will depend on the patient, the areas targets, the number of injections, and the extent of the treatment. The effects are natural and long lasting.

Source by Gisele Castelluber