BREAKING: Jury finds Henry Underwood not guilty

BREAKING: Jury finds Henry Underwood not guilty

FORT WAYNE, IND. (WPTA 21) – 25-year-old Henry Underwood was found not guilty on all counts in the murder of Terrance Miles.

Underwood was charged with murder, felony murder, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, and using a firearm for the shooting death of Terrance Miles in May of 2017.

Relatives of Terrance Miles and others gather outside the Allen County Courthouse, upset by the not guilty verdict rendered in the trial of Henry Underwood

ABC21 reporter Jeff Neumeyer said family members of Miles were “livid” when they learned of the verdict. Most were outside the courthouse when the announcement was made.

Only three relatives were permitted to remain inside after hours, as deliberations extended past 4:30 p.m.

Miles was a teacher and assistant football coach at North Side High School. He had exited his brother’s East Central Towers apartment to take out the trash when he was shot and killed.

The key witness in the case was Jaevin Bowie, who testified that he was with Underwood at the time of the shooting. Bowie pleaded guilty to lesser charges and told the jury that he had personally wiped clean and disposed of the weapon used in the shooting.

His story, however, changed at times during the investigation. Defense attorneys pointed to those inconsistencies to cast doubt on Bowie’s credibility as a witness.

ABC21 is working to get reaction from those relatives and attorneys for both the prosecution and defense. Stay with ABC21 for updates.

Some members of the victim’s family had to be restrained after they pursued defense attorneys from the courthouse following a not guilty verdict in the trial of Henry Underwood.



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