Cian Lynch wants video technology for GAA officials

Cian Lynch wants video technology for GAA officials

Cian Lynch supports the Limerick County Board’s call for video technology to be used in inter-county games where possible.

Although the 2018 hurler of the year doesn’t believe requests for incidents to be reviewed in-game should be made by players as suggested by county chairman John Cregan, he agrees too much is at stake for the GAA not to invest more into making the correct decisions.

Lynch was one of the players who remonstrated with officials after Darragh O’Donovan’s sideline cut was waved wide despite appearing to be deflected off Cillian Buckley’s hurley for a 65 in their point All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Kilkenny

“Like rugby and soccer, it’s becoming harder to depend on one man in the middle of the pitch, the linesmen or the umpires because they’re human and they can only see so much. The sport already has HawkEye and a lot of people see us going down that line (of a video referee) but for me it would be a massive change and you wonder if it would stop the game too much.

“But as a player when you put so much time in and you’re training nearly 12 months of the year it’s unfair that a decision that can end up ruling you out of the Championship.

“Personally, I don’t blame anyone but when players are sacrificing so much it shouldn’t come down to a single decision that ends up ending your year.

“This is not just about Limerick — it’s a national thing, both for hurling and football. Lads are committing massive hours (to county teams). They have girlfriends, wives, kids and family and they have to try and keep down a full-time job. If you’re training every day of the week and there’s something that’s not given in a match and ends up ruling you out of the championship, you’d question why you keep going back.

“It’s a professional sport in all but name so I can’t see why there shouldn’t be some more technology. There is in the form of HawkEye. Even if it’s just a word in the ear of the referee or linesman from someone up in the room looking down who can see a replay of an incident.”

Lynch wants the video referee to act as a second pair of eyes to the main match official. “It should just be a matter of the referee being told to go back and change his decision rather than stopping the play and having a look at the video. It shouldn’t come down on the referee to do that – he’s enough to be doing trying to keep up with the play.”

Announced on Thursday as a PwC All-Star nomination for the second year running, Lynch was one of nine from Limerick shortlisted.

“Where you want to be in an All-Ireland final but if you want to take something out of it we won a National League and a Munster title. It’s a great honour for the nine of us but we’d give them all up to be in an All-Ireland final.”

– 2018 PwC Player of the Year in hurling Cian Lynch was given a demonstration of the improved PwC All-Stars app at their head offices in Dublin yesterday.

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