What’s inside of your technology? AdTech Ceramics might have the answer

The sheet. Image by WTVC.png

One of their small ceramics. For perspective, it’s smaller than a penny. Image by WTVC

If you’ve ever thought about what happens on the inside of your beloved gadgets …this is the place to look, AdTech Ceramics.

AdTech Ceramics is located right here in Chattanooga.

They make micro-electronic pieces that go inside popular company’s products, but because of a nondisclosure agreement between clients and the AdTech, they can’t tell us.

“So Aerospace, oil field, high-temperature electronics uh things that have to last in the field for 30 years or more,” says President and Manager Bill Minehan.

President Bill Minehan says their products end up in PET scanners, defibrillators, and pacemakers.

One of their 9 processes is called Tape Casting.

Where a putty of ceramic powders is cast into a ceramic filled “tape”.

After that, it’s cut into four sections. Where each sheet is .012 inches thick.

For perspective that’s about four times the width of a human hair.

A lot of products crafted at AdTech Ceramics can be as small as a penny.

Making the job here require extra attention to detail.

“Everybody that works at our factory here is trained in quality systems as well as the discipline as very uniform process control

Bill says those same detail-oriented people make this company special.

“The will the dedication the interests, the teamwork, yeah that’s what makes AdTech ceramics

One of the materials they use frequently is Alumni—which is the second strongest element… a diamond being number 1.

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