Tristan Thompson says Kardashians made cheating scandal into “big media thing”

Tristan Thompson says Kardashians made cheating scandal into "big media thing"

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  • Tristan Thompson tried to blame Khloé Kardashian for his cheating scandal being a “big media thing.”
  • Reminder: Tristan cheated on Khloé while she was 9 months pregnant, and then cheated on her post-baby with Jordyn Woods. Terrible decisions that he’s accountable for, and no one else!

    It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Tristan “Third Trimester” Thompson needs to take several seats, yet for some reasons he’s currently out here doing the absolute most for attention. Not only did Tristan comment a thirsty emoji on a recent photo of Khloé Kardashian (who has somehow *not* blocked him yet), but he also had the nerve to try and kiss her before True’s birthday. And in Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we learned that Tristan also had the nerve to accuse Khloé of making their scandal into a “big media thing.”

    During a conversation with Kim Kardashian, Khloé said she was in therapy with Tristan when he made the claim. “I had therapy with Tristan on Saturday. I desire to have a good coexisting relationship with him, but I can’t see myself ever being able to trust him,” she explained. “He said, ‘I know you and your family made this a big media thing.’ I’m like, ‘Would you think I would want this out there?!'”

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    Kim seemed shocked by the comment, saying “Not in a million years would you have wanted this public, that’s what people perceive.” Khloé added, “At the end of the day, it’s already out there. If Tristan was gonna cheat, he was gonna cheat, it was gonna be public at some point. I’m so offended it had to be with her.”

    Ahem, “her” being Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods.

    First of all, can we talk about the absolute AUDACITY of Tristan trying to blame Khloé for his terrible decisions getting media attention? But also, the Kardashians have made it clear that the cheating scandal wasn’t a PR stunt so Tristan can back right off. (Though let’s be real: the timing with KUWTK was pretty 👀.)

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