RISE Wealth Technologies Creates Artificial Intelligence Trading Systems

RISE Wealth Technologies Creates Artificial Intelligence Trading Systems

RISE WEALTH TECHNOLOGIES is a software fintech company specializing in providing AI solutions for financial trading systems and investors. Stefan Tittel, founder, and CEO of RISE leads the company using an impressive track record of successful entrepreneurship across Europe. At RISE, the mission is to improve trading through the integration of science and statistics using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) systems. RISE helps investors find, research, and implement new trading technologies in both highly-liquid and non-liquid financial markets around the world. 

What is the RISE ethos?

RISE believes that science and technology are the only way to continue to generate profits from financial markets. RISE’s focus, therefore, is developing AI-powered, systematic, and fully-automated trading strategies and systems in markets where there already exists extensive established knowledge. RISE relies on either purely quantitative or “quantamental” strategies (a portmanteau of quantitative and fundamental and describes portfolio management approaches) that have been proven to offer exceptional returns. 

The RISE focus is on developing highly- scalable AI-powered financial trading systems using science and statistics, combining fundamental data points and industry knowledge. Their research is based on statistical arbitrage as well as a wide range of models, including long-short equity, volatility, spread-and-pair trading, market-neutral, and directional models.

According to RISE, human trading is quickly being supplanted by high-speed, automated, data-driven algorithms. Superfast computers with immense computing capacities can make educated global trading decisions in nearly any healthy financial market. As explained in this article by Towards Data Science, AI Systems are using deep learning techniques to train large neural networks to recognize patterns in data. RISE predicts that, within the next five years, the most successful asset managers will be technology companies. 

Why is RISE partnering with Securitize? 

After a recent announcement that they would be moving into the crypto market, the next logical phase was to secure a partner with experience in digitized securities. The first step in this process for RISE will be to raise funds for the company, which will enable continued innovation and technological development. 

RISE hopes to bring in at least $120 million in their Security Token Offering (STO), which will be the largest of its kind in Europe to date if they succeed. Those who invest in the initial “digital IPO” are entitled to 20 percent of RISE’s pre-tax profits. Accepted in the offering are fiat (USD and Euro) as well as Bitcoin and Ether.

Securitize, will support RISE in their security token offering. Securitize will provide services for the onboarding of new investors while also issuing tokens in the STO. With the industry-wide adoption of the Securitize DS protocol, this partnership is the perfect match for both industry leaders. 

Securitize is one of the most reputable providers of issuance platforms for digital security. With support from investors like Coinbase, OKEX, and Ripple, three of the largest crypto companies, Securitize has quickly risen to become an industry leader in crypto-based exchanges. With their new partnership, RISE’s investors can feel confident in the safety of their digital securities. 

Why does RISE issue token through independent partners?

The issuance and use of digital securities demand specialized knowledge and expertise. Cryptocurrency is swiftly evolving in its use, as are the regulations governing them. Using a specialized and independent partner, like Securitize, ensures that RISE is not only protecting its investors but also adhering to the strictest guidelines and laws. For example, Securitize will oversee the KYC (Know Your Customer) rules which help prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. Securitize’s services will also prevent the sale of crypto wherever they are prohibited. 

According to RISE’s CEO Stefan Tittel, the success of any security token offering depends on technological security and credibility for investors as well as the company. Tittel believes, “A solid technological infrastructure for tokens is thus a necessity to gain the trust of investors and enable their secure resale. For this reason, we place great value on maintaining the highest-possible technological standards for our tokens and are pleased to have gained such a strong partner for this purpose.”  

Securitize has become a world leader in digital security. Its platform for issuing and managing digital securities is globally renowned, and Securitize offers solutions and strategies for regulated digital securities. With expertise in equity, funds, fixed income and also real estate, Securitize was a logical choice for RISE’s STO opportunity. 

What’s next for RISE?

RISE is looking to further disrupt the $80 trillion global asset management market, as they transform the way funds and investments are made and then managed. Their unique use of machine learning and AI, combined with digital securities and ongoing innovations, mean they are poised to replace human trading with data-driven algorithms. 

RISE’s team is quickly becoming the next big thing in asset management, and their authority is expected to rise. Keep an eye on this group to show us how AI will continue to drive growth and innovation.  


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