iOS 13 is here, and iOS 13.1 arrives next week

How will it sell without support from Google?Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro has a ‘quad-camera’ and a vegan leather option

Huawei’s party may have been spoiled by leaks, but the Mate 30 has been refashioned as a camera first, smartphone second. For Huawei, it’s breaking away from Google’s services to forge its own path. Uh oh.

The Mate 30 Pro has the most eye-catching specs, with a 6.53-inch, “always on” OLED screen that curves around both edges of the device. The volume buttons are now on-screen and available with a double tap at the edge of the display. Huawei has included four image sensors poking out of the Mate 30 Pro’s Halo Ring back. That includes a 40-megapixel Cine Camera, a 40-megapixel SuperSensing camera, an 8-megapixel Telephoto and a 3D depth-sensing lens. Huawei had nailed still image smartphone photography on the P30 pro — the Mate 30 seems more focused on videography. We’ll see how these claims fare later today. The specs seem killer, but the lack of Google Services, from Google Play through to YouTube and Maps, could literally kill the Mate 30’s chances of success.

Maybe wait to install that update.iOS 13 is here — and iOS 13.1 is coming next week

If you’ve been holding on patiently for Apple Arcade, system-wide dark mode on your iPhone, the Sign in with Apple feature and better Maps and Siri, your wait is over: Apple has released iOS 13 and watchOS 6.

Of course, you could just wait until the 24th (you won’t, but you could) because that’s when iPadOS and iOS 13.1 will be released. That’s nearly a week earlier than expected, but the updates will hopefully clear up a few annoying glitches and even potential security holes once they arrive.

A short but wonderful game about fixing old technology and relationships.Ustwo’s ‘Assemble with Care’ sets the standard for Apple Arcade exclusives

Assemble with Care is the latest title from Ustwo Games, the London-based studio behind Monument Valley and Land’s End. And it’s all about fixing sentimental items. Throughout its roughly two-hour adventure, you’ll repair a dozen-or-so objects, including a cassette deck, film camera and handheld game console. A few of the items aren’t electrical — there’s an old camping stove, for instance, and an analog watch — but the most memorable and challenging involve some buttons and colorful circuitry.

Ustwo Games prides itself on making games for a broad, so-called “casual” audience to enjoy. “The strategy for the company has been to take what’s great about games and deliver them to a casual audience,” Dan Gray, the studio’s chief creative officer told Engadget. That does explain its status as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Putting the fun back in utility.Arcimoto is finally shipping its three-wheeled EV to customers

The FUV was designed to lower CO2 emissions but also to take up less space than the typical EV. The result is something between a car and a motorcycle that can hit speeds of up to 75 MPH and about 102 miles of range per charge. If you have 19,900 bucks to spare, then keep an eye out for these zipping around California, Oregon and Washington in the near future.

Review time.Nintendo’s Switch Lite is all about portable gaming, and it shows

This version of the Switch addresses the elephant in the room with Nintendo’s convertible console. While it can do gaming on the go or docked, it’s not really optimized for either. The Switch Lite leans into handheld use, with controllers that won’t go flying if you drop it, and the small design differences make it easier to use on a crowded subway. Along with a price that’s $100 cheaper than its sibling, it makes a compelling case for new players and Switch owners who can appreciate better pocketability.

Roku features, Dolby Vision HDR and calibration via mobile app await.TCL’s 2019 quantum dot-enhanced 4K TVs go on sale starting at $599

The 65-inch version still costs $799.

Many TVs’ USB ports will be able to power the updated Roku Express.Roku’s latest Ultra player is faster and has better shortcuts

Roku has made some of its streaming players smaller and faster, while teasing what Roku OS 9.2 has in store. The latest $99.99 Ultra, which supports 4K and HDR video, should be zippier at launching channels than previous iterations, and it’ll come with a remote that has programmable shortcut buttons. Interestingly, JBL headphones are also bundled with the player — you can plug them into the remote to watch shows without disturbing others.

The revamped Roku Express is 10 percent smaller than the previous model and, because most TVs’ USB ports can power it, the device should be more portable and cause less clutter. It’ll set you back $29.99, while the Walmart-exclusive Express+, which features the same design and includes the Roku Voice Remote, will cost $39.99. Roku OS 9.2 will start rolling out soon, with an overhauled 4K Spotlight channel for easier access to Ultra HD titles, while Roku’s Tips & Tricks channel could help you get more out of your device. The Roku Zones feature will display a curated selection of titles when you search for a genre or subject like “superhero movies” or “comedies.”

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