Eliminate Arterial Plaque Build Up Without Statin Drugs – 4 Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

What would lowering your risk for heart disease mean to you? For most of us the anticipation of feeling great and enjoying life and family could be motivation enough. The problem is right now over 75 million Americans are suffering from heart disease. The confusing thing is why?

Why are our hearts so unhealthy?

Mass marketing has promoted low fat and low cholesterol diets as the key to fat loss and heart health for the past decade or two yet coronary disease is the number one killer.

The huge shift in processed foods and excessive sugar, and simple carbs in our daily diet is the real enemy, and the cause of most heart problems. We cannot blame the consumption of foods high in cholesterol as the root cause of heart disease, statistics has proven that.

That being said here are 4 tips that will help lead you to a heart healthy lifestyle…

Avoid Inflammation – Primary Cause of Plaque build up in the arteries

Inflammation caused by elevated blood sugar is the root cause of arterial damage. Imagine microscopic brillo pads scrubbing the inside of you arterial walls. This “roughing up of the arterial surface” is the problem. You see, cholesterol and plaque will not stick to a smooth artery. Damaged arteries are prime targets for bad cholesterol to lodge and build up. Normal inflammation is good as it fights germs and foreign invaders, however eating the wrong foods in excess cause the process to run wild and attack good tissue.

First Eliminate Sugar and Simple Carbs

What raise blood sugar faster than anything? Consuming table sugar as well as simple carbs like white bread, rice, crackers, cookies, pastries.

Without going into the detailed bio chemical explanation, lets just say that consuming excess of sugar and simple carbs creates inflammation, by triggering C-reactive protein which is a a critical factor to increased inflammation. Overloading on sweets not only makes you FAT but slowly damages arteries.

Avoid Omega 6 Oils

Avoid sunflower and corn oil. They are loaded with Omega 6.This compound is used to increase shelf life of all kinds of foods but the downside is omega 6 causes inflammation. Excessive omega 6 within a cell causes release “cytokines” which are directly responsible for creating inflammation. Imagine thousands of tiny daggers attacking your interior arterial walls.

Shocking! Animal Fats Are OK to Eat

Animal fats contain less than 20% omega 6 oils. There is no real scientific evidence that animal fats will directly cause coronary heart disease.

Especially now, since we know cholesterol is not the root cause of heart disease, all the allegations that animal fat are harmful are more absurd than ever. These fats also help control appetite.

Understanding and taking action on these 4 ideas daily will make a huge impact in your heart health. Especially if you follow them consistently. If you want the definitive step by step guide on how to lower cholesterol and achieve heart health without statin drugs see the review link below.

Source by Alex Reedis