Skilled to Work: Information Systems Technology


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program at northeast community college is teaching students how to code our future… w-t-v-a’s kayla thompson continues our skilled to work series with a hands-on look… std.” “i.t. is not what people used to think is the black hole. you just sit in your basement and you’re coding.” natasha lewis is a long time i.t professional and instructor at northeast community college…she is working to change the way the i.t. field is viewed… “now every entity every cooperation whether it’s the hospital or the dealership, everybody needs someone with technology skills.” anthony cloutier (clue-tear) is a current student of the program and says not only did he want to enhance his tech skills…but he also wanted to make a difference… “just the ability to actually sit there and make code something and make it work the ability to make something and help other people.” since being in this program he has been able to stand out in the workplace… “the company i’m working for right now. i’ve started off on an internship in june and they wanted me to make them a software inventory management application and we’ve done that for the past three months and we’ve done that and we’re about to complete it.” in the classroom students get to have a hands on and interactive experience… –stand up– the coolest part about this program is that students get to step out of reality and into virtual reality… it may look like fun…but it’s leading to a career… “they’re not just playing in my class they’re learning, and they can get a job.” this program isn’t just beneficial to programmers… “we’ve got mechanics that don’t have tech skills and they can come take our classes and get that hands-on experience and it makes their jobs easier.” instructor nick jackson says that you will gain certifications that give you the option to further your education or get a job immediately… “we do put a big emphasis on certification. we prepare you for 85 percent of it and then you can continue to get the rest of it. this helps them stand out. not only have they done it in class when they go to an employer…they will know they have those skills.” jackson says he will support you…during the courses… “we can video call so i can share my screen, go over with you on the weekend. we do get non-traditional students in our cte programs that may have worked in a job for years and now they want to do something different. if you’re ready to step into something new or start your career…you can enroll by calling the administration office at northeast community college… reporting in booneville, kt wtva 9 news… northeast plans to have a campus safety app available in the apple app store soon… adlib

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