The chunk heard ’round the world: Zion breaks golf club with one mighty swing

The chunk heard 'round the world: Zion breaks golf club with one mighty swing

That right there is the sound of the entire sports world shaking in its boots.

Zion Williamson, the man once hailed by LeBron James as “a great kid”, is officially too strong for golf. This past Thursday, a video surfaced of the former Blue Devil attempting to hit a golf ball and destroying the club in the process.

A lot of you may be asking, “Is this really news?” The answer is a hard yes. Zion may not have the form of a seasoned golfer, but if there’s any takeaway from this video, it’s that no amount of skill can compete with the sheer strength of this 280-pound behemoth. In fact, I’m more scared of what he would’ve done if he had made contact with the ball. The NBA should be worried about Zion and maybe the PGA should as well.

There are plenty of skeptics around the league as to whether or not Zion can live up to the hype. Of course we know he’s something special, but whether or not he can compete with the LeBrons and Durants of the world is up for debate. One thing is for sure, however—Zion would wipe the floor with Tiger Woods. From what we’ve seen in this video, it is likely that this man could clear an entire golf course with one swing. He could ruin the sport of golf if he wanted, but clearly his sights are set on something greater.

With Zion downright embarrassing the sport of golf on Thursday, the question must be asked—who’s next? Will he flatten the next soccer ball he kicks? Will he chop a hockey puck in half? Will he take off someone’s arm with a frisbee? These questions may scare you and they should, but rest assured that the rest of the sports world is right there with you. We have no idea what Zion is capable of, but judging from this video, it’s safe to assume that he was made for complete and utter athletic domination.

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