Photos of Walmart’s new health clinic in Dallas, Georgia

Photos of Walmart's new health clinic in Dallas, Georgia

Walmart on Friday opened up its first Walmart Health center in Dallas, Georgia, in its latest attempt to break into the massive healthcare industry.

The new centers come equipped with primary care, counseling, home care, eye and hearing exams, and dentistry.

The goal is to do for healthcare what Walmart’s supercenter stores did for retail: offer a breadth of services conveniently and at a much cheaper price point than rivals. For instance, a primary care visit costs $40, while a dental visit costs $25.

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This isn’t the first time Walmart’s built out health clinics. While past attempts haven’t panned out, Sean Slovenski, Walmart’s president of health and wellness, told Business Insider that the current push was a top priority for the company’s senior leadership.

“We finally got to the point this past year with the right strategy, the right team, and the right timing,” Slovenski said.

Take a look inside the new clinic.

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