NHSE to create ‘innovation greenhouse’ to accelerate uptake of technology

NHSE to create 'innovation greenhouse' to accelerate uptake of technology

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) will gain easier access to the latest technologies to transform how they deliver care under new plans to create an “innovation greenhouse”.

NHS England (NHSE) is looking to refresh its flagship purchasing vehicle, through which trusts can purchase technologies, by adding a new lot to its Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF).

The innovation greenhouse, as NHSE is calling it, will provide ICSs with easier access to “tried and tested innovations for patients, populations and NHS staff”, according to papers issued to trusts.

Examples of “tried and tested” innovations include the Test Beds Programme and the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme.

NHSE also plans to update two of its analytical lots to more “rigorously” test intelligence and analytical tools and support for ICSs, as well as enhance part of the framework to cover “asset and resource optimisation” including e-rostering and workforce management, demand management and capacity planning.

Suppliers looking to be part of the framework will be tested against a core set of capabilities, including compliance and interoperability standards. Bidders will then be expected to demonstrate the capabilities they could offer under the framework.

The priorities were identified following engagement with stakeholders within NHSE, NHS Improvement and NHSX, as well as a review of the Long Term Plan.

NHSE is currently gathering feedback from trusts, suppliers and others within the market before any changes to the lots are made.

The HSSF was developed as a “one-stop shop” for sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and ICSs, which included “pre-approved” industry suppliers which can help their population health management digital plans.

It’s scope also includes local health and care records (LHCRs), analytics, electronic patient records (EPRs) .

Since the framework launched 15 contracts have been awarded and a further 11 procurements are underway, totalling £54 million.

Big name companies including InterSystems, Allscripts, Orion Health and Cerner have all been appointed various lots of the framework.

NHSE confirmed suppliers already on the framework shall not be removed, provided they still meet the required capabilities.

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