Heart Health – Emotional and Spiritual Sustenance

Your heart needs emotional and spiritual sustenance as much as your body needs food. Recently a man, age sixty came to me, because he was told that the fluid around his heart, which caused his heart to labor harder, would cause a heart attack.

After many prescriptions to reduce the fluid to no avail, the doctor said, the only other alternative was surgery. The surgery consisted of opening the chest cavity and installing a catheter to drain the fluid sac around his heart. He was conflicted because he knew that every illness has a mental cause and that if he had the surgery and did not clear the mental cause the fluid would return.

As a last resort, he searched the Internet to find a metaphysical healer. He found my website and was delighted to learn, not only was I the person he wanted to work with, I was only a few miles away from his home in Scottsdale, AZ.

The mental cause of the fluid around his heart was a remedy for an extreme betrayal five years earlier by several people whom he had known for over twenty years. He literally experienced a broken heart. Not knowing how to 'mend' his broken heart his mind created a remedy by encasing his heart in fluid to protect it from the bone chilling feelings of the betrayal.

Our work focused on processing the feelings of betrayal and forgiving his betrayers through the subconscious mind. After several sessions, his heart was mended and the fluid disappeared. His heart no longer needed 'protection.' He left my office on the final session with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

How does this relate to other issues? Not everyone will have a major betrayal in their life, nor will he / she create fluid around the heart as a remedy.

There are two key aspects to creating a healthy life – Emotional / Spiritual sustenance and strong relationships. See my article, "Emotional and Spiritual Sustenance – The Forgotten Food" at ezinearticles (this website).

Cultivating strong relationships will ensure that you are accompanied by a network of loving individuals as you journey through life. Creating time to develop and foster the bonds you share with others is critical to build a support system that enhances your spirits in good, as well as, challenging experiences. Even during times by yourself, you will not feel lonely or isolated. The attention you give to your relationships will help you create a magnificent network of loving sustenance.

Source by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD