Johnson County Public Health warns of E-cigarette dangers

Johnson County Public Health warns of E-cigarette dangers

JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) – Health officials in Eastern Iowa are reminding people about the affects of e-cigarettes in the wake of several deaths and a possible federal ban.

No single device or ingredient has been identified but U.S. Health officials say 450 cases of sickness in 33 states have been reported possibly linked to vaping.

As of Tuesday, six deaths have been confirmed related to e-cigarettes.

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his administration is pursuing a ban on thousands of flavored e-cigarette products to discourage their use.

In Iowa, there have been 8 cases of sickness related to vaping.

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors outlawed vaping in public places last May. A health educator for the county says action is needed at all levels of government.

“Whether it’s the small cities and counties to the state and now the federal level, I think that works. And I think that’s important to show parents and young people,” County Health Educator Susan Vileta said.

The state recently launched its My Life, My Quit campaign to discourage teen vaping.

The county says parents talking to their kids about e-cigarettes should remind them nicotine can harm brain development, which continues until age 25.

More tips can be found on the county’s website.


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