BREAKING: ‘I Profoundly Regret Harvard’s Past Association With Him,’ Bacow Says on Epstein | News

BREAKING: 'I Profoundly Regret Harvard's Past Association With Him,' Bacow Says on Epstein | News

In an attempt to appeal to non-coastal areas of the United State, University President Lawrence S. Bacow has promoted partnerships with universities across the country in places like Michigan and Texas.

UPDATED: Sept. 12, 2019 at 8:14 p.m.

Harvard is conducting a review of all gifts made to the University by billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, University President Lawrence S. Bacow announced in an email to Harvard affiliates Thursday evening.

“Epstein’s connections as a donor to this University, and other institutions, raise important concerns. With that in mind, two weeks ago I asked for a review of his donations to Harvard. Our decentralization makes such a review more complicated than it would be at some other institutions,” Bacow wrote. “I want to emphasize that this review is ongoing.”

Though the review is yet to be completed, Bacow’s email outlined a number of gifts Epstein has given to the University. Epstein, who died by apparent suicide last month while in a Manhattan jail, faced multiple allegations of sexual abuse of underage girls.

Epstein has donated various multi-million dollar gifts to the University over the past few decades, and most of the gifts have already been spent. Bacow identified a nearly $200,000 unspent balance that Bacow said would be directed to organizations that support victims of human trafficking and sexual assault.

“The majority of Epstein’s gifts were designated for current use, not as endowed funds, and nearly all were spent years ago for their intended purposes in support of research and education.”

Bacow also indicated that the University has not accepted a gift from Epstein since he plead guilty to soliciting prostitution in 2008, for which he only served 13 months in jail. Bacow wrote that Harvard rejected a gift after 2008.

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