Health And Productivity: The Head/ Heart Balance

Henry Ford is generally credited with saying, You can think you’re right or wrong, Either way, you’ll be correct. Others are credited with proclaiming, Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve. If all other factors, are considered equal, it’s important, therefore, to realize, and recognize, there is a strong, relevant correlation, between, one’s physical health, and mental health, attitude and well – being! Some people focus entirely on the logical approach, to life, while others, proceed, in an entirely, emotional one. In the vast majority of instances, those, who, live life, fully, balance these two components, in a head/ heart balance, and proceed accordingly. By doing so, they generally, are capable of over – reacting, far less, while paying keen attention, to the relevant issues and details. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, the relationships between health, and productivity, and taking charge of one’s own destiny, by proceeding in a focused, balanced way.
1. Logical essentials: You’ll benefit when you learn, as much as possible, about health – related issues, and options/ alternatives. When might conventional wisdom, be the wisest course of action? when is some alternative approach, preferable? Rather than, merely, looking at your choices, as an all, or none, way/ option, it is wisest to proceed, with an open – mind, and learn, evolving techniques, and discoveries, in terms of health care, etc. The danger of ignoring logic, is, losing the opportunity, to proceed, in a knowledgable manner!
2. Emotional components: Proceeding with a positive, can – do, attitude, creates a strong advantage, because, studies, often, indicate, most people experience overall better health, when they believe they will, and have a good outlook! However, it might be dangerous, to proceed, only, emotionally, rather than in combination, with a degree of logic!
3. Productivity: When one is productive, he feels better about himself, and, usually, that creates a better change at overall, well – being. Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, and letting stresses, etc, control you, productive individuals, generally, proceed with a calmer, high amount of self – confidence, etc.
4. Health and happiness: While, even the happiest people, can suffer, from a debilitating illness, etc, a happy person, often, has the best chance to heal, because he feels, he will! There is no simple path, but, rather, a happier person, is often, a healthier one!
5. Head/ heart balance: Using the finest, core principles of quality logic, and calming emotions, brings on, a helpful, head/ heart balance!
Reduce unnecessary stress, and tension, and you will, generally, feel much better! Will you be, your best friend, or worst enemy?

Source by Richard Brody