GCash introduces new cash-in technology at Puregold

GCash introduces new cash-in technology at Puregold

GLOBE Fintech Innovations, Inc. (Mynt) is introducing a new technology allowing GCash users to top-up their mobile wallets by scanning a barcode at Puregold Price Club, Inc.’s stores.

Ernest L. Cu, president and chief executive officer of Globe Telecom, Inc., said the partnership completes the “ultimate experience in a store” that GCash is promoting with its technology.

“This is the first company, Puregold, that has both (cashless payment and top-up) experiences integrated into one. That’s a milestone for GCash, especially when it’s a major retailer that has thousands of stores around the country,” Mr. Cu said at the program.

The technology allows GCash users to deposit cash into their mobile wallets by scanning the bar code at the payment counter. It will be deployed in 368 Puregold branches across the country.

GCash Chief Commercial Officer Frederic Levy told reporters on the sidelines of the launch that the company is also partnering with LBC Express Holdings, Inc. to allow “cash-in” in LBC branches.

“LBC will start to accept GCash tomorrow for cash-in. That’s 1,400 branches… We will test first the standard system,” he said yesterday. — Denise A. Valdez

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