Warren’s courageous approach to health care

Warren’s courageous approach to health care

Published: 9/8/2019 12:01:10 AM

In most other developed countries, a “pre-existing” condition is normally referred to as “medical history.” These nations already have universal health care.

Imagine having similar care here in the United States, so that a parent whose child has leukemia or Type 1 diabetes wouldn’t have the added stress of wondering how to pay medical bills? A victim of a gunshot wound? How about a family struggling with the reality of stage 4 cancer?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a bold and very doable plan to provide decent health care for all Americans. She believes that the “for profit” business model of private insurance no longer works – it just guarantees that insurers get to take in the highest premiums possible while paying out the fewest dollars possible. That leads to rising premiums and copays, and all kinds of delays and obstacles to getting the health care one needs.

Sen. Warren supports a Medicare for All plan that is gradually phased in over a several-year period, allowing for a manageable transition to a health plan that insures everyone.

Now imagine being able to concentrate solely on health care, without the anxiety of staggering medical bills. Health care and the ability to access it is a basic human right, and I applaud Sen. Warren’s courage and leadership in working for that. I hope you will, too.



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