New refrigerator technology mimics natural sunlight

New refrigerator technology mimics natural sunlight

International domestic appliance manufacturer Beko has unveiled its HarvestFresh technology for its range of refrigerators claiming it keeps your produce fresher and healthier. The Turkish brand showcased its new technology on 5 September at consumer electronics fair, IFA in Berlin.

Developed for Beko fridges, HarvestFresh uses a combination of blue, red and green lights to mimic the 24-hour sun cycle, including periods of darkness in an attempt to recreate a natural living environment for fruit and vegetables succeeding their harvest.

The company has claimed that the illumination technology acts as a natural way of preserving vitamins in fresh produce. According to Beko, a seven-day laboratory test was carried out by Intertek on direct light exposed tomato and green pepper concluding that their vitamin A and vitamin C levels had been preserved for longer.

Chief marketing officer at Beko, Zeynep Yalim Uzun said: “At Beko, we believe passionately in creating new products and technologies that meet the well-being needs of today’s consumer. We know that they do not always find it easy to eat healthily and are committed to doing all we can to make their lives easier and healthier.”

This recent development is part of Beko’s mission of “empowering the new generations to live healthier and providing accessible wellbeing for all their consumers”.

Home appliance brand Beko operates in more than 140 countries worldwide and is a subsidiary of Arçelik, who is part of the large industrial conglomerate Koç Holding.

HarvestFresh will be available across selected lines from 2020.

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