Missouri Valley business owners concerned after break-ins

Missouri Valley business owners concerned after break-ins

MISSOURI VALLEY, Iowa (WOWT)– A series of break-ins in Missouri Valley has some residents and business owners on edge.

In the last few days, Valley Arms gun shop and the concession stand at the fairground was broken into.

Surveillance video shows a man in a bright green hat breaking in and crawling into the store through a window. Owner of the shop, Scott Bade never expected to see this type of footage.

“Pretty shocked this would happen with all the lightning we have and all the cameras we have,” said Bade.

Bade says the thief was in his shop for less than one minute. The video shows the man going for a used shot gun before grabbing three other guns off the wall and tossing them out the window. Police haven’t found the man yet.

“My concern is that they would be used in a bad way, that bothers me the most,” said Bade.

But Bade’s gun shop wasn’t the only spot broken into.

Fisher’s Petals and Posies was broken into a month ago. That shop is just down the road from Valley Arms. Residents say break-ins like this don’t usually happen in Missouri Valley this often. Before this police say the last break-in on the books was in January.

For Minnie Fisher, she lost at least $8,500 in merchandise.

“They took every tool, every roll of tape, everything that a florist needs to exist and operate was gone,” said Fisher.

It didn’t stop there. The concession stands at the fairground was also broken into. The crocks there took the candy and broke trophies that were going to be used for the figure-eight races this weekend.

Glass from that break-in, still scattered on the ground.

“We are supported by local people which make it more infuriating because it’s our sales tax dollars that are helping support schools, community, everything,” said Fisher.

Both shops have increased security. Police say while it’s uncommon to have this many break-ins in a small town, it’s not concerning and just part of a pattern they see every now and then.

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