Felicity Huffman, celeb pals say she’s the victim in letters to judge

Felicity Huffman, celeb pals say she's the victim in letters to judge

She’s desperate — to stay out of prison.

Actress Felicity Huffman wrote a pleading letter to a federal judge in a last-ditch effort to avoid time behind bars for conspiring with college-admissions fixer Rick Singer to get her daughter into college — and got her famous husband and a celebrity pal to go to bat for her, too.

Huffman, her husband William H. Macy and her “Desperate Housewives” TV co-star Eva Longoria all wrote letters to Boston Judge Indira Talwani, claiming Huffman’s role in the scandal has tortured her — and that she’s a victim in the entire process.

In her letter, Huffman wrote she started working with Singer, in part, because her daughters both have learning disabilities, and one of them attended a “very underfunded” public high school that had just one college counselor.

She added that she’s struggled with motherhood and worried for her children’s sake because she was their parent.

“I find Motherhood bewildering. From the moment, my children were born I worried that they got me as a Mother. I so desperately wanted to do it right and was so deathly afraid of doing it wrong,” she whined.

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She then apologized profusely for her role in the scheme, which she said has “haunted” her.

“I have a deep and abiding shame over what I have done. Shame and regret that I will carry for the rest of my life. It is right that I should carry this burden and use it as fuel for change in my own life and hopefully it will be a cautionary tale for my daughters and the community,” she wrote.

In his letter, Macy claimed his wife’s arrest has tortured their family, and scrutiny from the press has forced her to rarely leave their house.

“Felicity has borne the brunt of this,” Macy wrote of his wife, who pleaded guilty in May for paying Singer $15,000 to change her daughter’s SAT scores.

“The paparazzi was camped outside our home for the first month or so, and they still have an uncanny knack of finding her,” he added. “Felicity rarely leaves our house.”

He added that a college his daughter planned to attend pulled her application when news of the scandal — and his wife’s arrest — broke.

“It’s been about six months since the FBI came in the early hours to arrest Felicity. Our oldest daughter Sophia has certainly paid the dearest price,” he wrote.

“She flew to the school two days after her mom’s arrest for the final selections. When she landed, the school emailed her withdrawing their invitation to audition. She called us from the airport in hysterics, begging us to ‘do something, please, please do something,’” he added.

In her note, Longoria wrote that Felicity took her under her wing while they both acted on “Desperate Housewives.”

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Felicity stuck up for Longoria when a co-worker bullied her and when she was the only main cast member to not be nominated for a Golden Globe award.

“I … know these things may sound like first class problems or small insignificant moments. But to a young, naive, Mexican girl who felt like I didn’t belong, those gestures meant the world to me,” Longoria wrote.

She added that she could rely on Felicity outside of work for support in charity efforts.

“The most special part about this is that my charities were always for children of the Latino community … There were so many times Felicity was the only white woman in the room helping me improve the lives of these brown faces and families. I will never forget that,” she wrote.

Huffman is set to be sentenced Sept. 13. Federal prosecutors want her to serve a month behind bars and pay a $20,000 fine for her role in the scheme.

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