BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Luck Has Informed The Colts That He’s Retiring

BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Luck Has Informed The Colts That He's Retiring

In a giant shocker during a massive day of football, Andrew luck decides to call it a career from the Indianapolis Colts. According to Adam Schefter luck is reportedly worn down.

“Andrew Luck has informed the Colts he is retiring from the NFL, per source. There will be a press conference Sunday to make it official, but Luck is mentally worn down, and now checking out.”

An updated report states that he’s already talked with the owner of the Colts, Jim Irsay to make it official. This officially makes backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett the man to take over in Luck’s absence.

At the age of 29 Andrew Luck walks away from the game one of the premier quarterbacks of the league. His skillset promised to bring the Colts to the promised land, but the journey proved to be arduous due to several injuries. Luck sat out the 2017 season with an injured arm and then had a monstrous comeback in 2018 as he led the Colts to the playoffs. 2019, however, had started shakily as injuries to his calf hampered him and created mystery as to whether he’d be ready to go week one. Now, he walks away from the game and Colts fans are stuck wondering what could have been.

Andrew Luck was no joke.

Here’s the retirement press conference:

Much of our Fox Sports Radio crew is completely stunned!

Colin Cowherd: “Andrew Luck has retired. Few things shock me in sports. This is number one. Ever. By a mile. Little intel—Two weeks ago, interviewed his father. We sensed, behind the scenes, this was a VERY touchy subject. Out of respect we stayed away from Andrews health as a topic. In recent days, I have fished around. Lots of confusion and mystery. Could not get a straight answers. Not sure anyone could. Not sure anyone really knew. Feel terrible for Colts organization. Saw Andrew as a Sophmore at Stanford and said repeatedly—best, most mature Coll QB since John Elway. Talent. Brains. Body. Mobility. Everything. Entire package.Not going to speculate on anything. Hear lots of things as do all reporters but tonight just want to send my best to everyone inside Colts family and to Andrew and his family. Sports gives us all so many thrills. Tonight though, is a gut punch.”

Here’s some more reactions from the crew

Doug Gottlieb: Retiring cause rehabbing is “too hard” is the most millennial thing ever #AndrewLuck

Clay Travis: “Andrew Luck retiring like this is the most shocking sports retirement since Michael Jordan. (And we all know how that ended. I think he’ll be back in a couple of years).”

Jason Smith: “Holy Crap. Now will this be a real retirement from Andrew Luck? Or will it be a “year” retirement and as he heals up and takes some time he’ll return – maybe to a different team?”

Jay Glazer: “Andrew Luck retiring is beyond insane. NFL is still the greatest reality show there is… just when you thought you’ve seen crazy stories another one pops up to outdo the last”

Geoff Schwartz: “I understand Andrew Luck being exhausted from all the rehabbing and injuries. I basically spent 3 years rehabbing something almost everyday. It’s brutal. It wears you down. Hope Luck can take a mental break he needs and eventually make a return when he’s ready.

Joy Taylor: This Andrew Luck news is definitely wild but also understandable relating to his injuries. Coming back from injuries is exhausting physically but way more taxing mentally, it can’t be overstated how important it is to feel healthy mentally, kudos to him for valuing that.

Rob Parker: Andrew Luck’s retirement? Stunning. It’s symbolic for the NFL. If he can walk away from the game, anybody can.

Ben Maller: Have a feeling if Andrew Luck was making $50k a year he wouldn’t be retiring at age 29, this is a byproduct of having banked $97,107,998 from Colts.

Rich Ohrnberger: Texting with a few of Andrew Luck’s former teammates… “I could see this coming.” was a common theme.

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