Ozarks Tonight: Technology connecting creativity

Ozarks Tonight: Technology connecting creativity

Springfield, MO — An app developed in Springfield at the efactory is connecting local artists. 

Seth Kitchen is the creator of Collaboarator. The app is a platform for musicians to upload their content and link up with other artists to well – collaborate. For example, a guitarist can upload his or her riff and a vocalist can pick it up and lay a track on it. 

Kitchen says it benefits arts not only to network with other artists and create together, but artists can monazite off each remix – and the platform allows for unlimited remixes. 

Nathan Bryce with the band Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice is one of the local artists who will be using the app. 

Bryce is also a part of an album Kitchen is working on with 12 local artists. That album is coming out on August 26. 

For more information on Collaboarator and the album, click here. 

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