Man charged in string of break-ins in Elon

Man charged in string of break-ins in Elon

ELON, N.C. — Police connected a local man to a string of break-ins that occurred over the last two months.

Investigators say they received a call from a witness who saw a man breaking into an apartment on West Trolling Avenue. Police responded to the scene and arrested Brandon Thompson, 31, of Elon. Three apartments were burglarized on July 28.

Molly Logan lives in the apartment complex. She and her roommate were two of the victims who had several electronic items taken from their unit.

“He stole my speaker, my roommate’s soundboard and her TV,” Logan said.

Elon Chief of Police Kelly Blackwelder credits the witness for calling authorities when they noticed suspicious activity. Blackwelder said this helped connect Thompson to several other break-ins in the area of Woodale Drive, West College, West Lebanon, and West Trollinger Avenue dating back to the first week of June.

One of the keys to solving this case was detectives were able to locate physical evidence from Thompson’s shoe print from when he kicked in other neighboring doors.

“Our detective during an interview with the suspects noticed that the shoes did match the tread on the shoes did match the print on the door,” Blackwelder said.

Investigators believe the suspect targeted the area which is close to Elon Universiverity since most of the residents where out for summer break.

Logan says she’s thankful no one was in the home at the time of the break-in.

“I will feel safer once more people are around and people are moving in and I’ll feel kind of the security of the community around here,” Logan said.

Thompson faces 18 counts of breaking and entering, 18 counts of damage to property and seven counts of larceny. Police say this investigation is ongoing and more charges could follow.

Thompson is in the Alamance County Detention Center under a $150,000 bond.

Officers retrieved several of the stolen items. If you are a victim, you can retrieve your property at police headquarters


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