Jewish Community Center event Sunday to promote health, safety – News – The Columbus Dispatch

Jewish Community Center event Sunday to promote health, safety - News - The Columbus Dispatch

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus is welcoming the community onto its property Sunday for a Health and Safety Awareness Day featuring 32 local agencies.

There will be fire trucks, police cars, giveaways, food and more at the free event, which is aimed at educating everyone from children to seniors on a spectrum of health and safety issues.

“We’re very excited to have it at the JCC because we serve everyone,” said Shana Beigelman, director of adult and senior programming at the center. “We hope people will come and learn something.”

The event, which will take place inside and outside the JCC at 1125 College Ave. on the East Side, starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until 3 p.m.

The impetus for the event is two-prong, said Beigelman, and is meant to not only educate community members about health and safety but to introduce them to local agencies.

“It’s a really nice opportunity for the community to understand how things get done,” she said.

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A community member with concerns about her own family’s education about fire and other safety pitched the idea to the JCC, which immediately decided to host the event, Beigelman said.

“In terms of kids and families, I think there’s so much we have to discuss and talk about out loud and we don’t all know how to do that. It’s an opportunity to collect information on different topics and discuss it in their own way,” Beigelman said.

She’s hoping the event will allow kids to meet police officers and safety officials so when they see them in everyday life, they feel safe, not scared.

As for adults and seniors, Beigelman said she hopes to start a conversation on different topics that affect them, such as fraud prevention, fall prevention, self-defense and nutrition.

The event also will kick off a yearlong series of events aimed at more specific populations, she said.

“This is really a springboard to a yearlong health and safety initiative,” Beigelman said. “It’s really consistent with the mission at the JCC, taking care of yourself.”


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