Live From ILTACON: New Developments In Legal Technology

Live From ILTACON: New Developments In Legal Technology

Go to enough legal technology conferences and you’ll begin to realize that companies will time announcements of new developments and releases of their software to coincide with the event. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure that out.

This week, we spent time in the exhibit hall at ILTACON talking to leading companies in the legal technology space to flesh out new developments they are announcing during the conference. Below, in no particular order, is our report.

CloudNine is Advancing eDiscovery Software and Partnerships

Looking to add new and support existing customers, CloudNine is also expanding their footprint. At ILTACON, CloudNine unveils new features and upgrades to their eDiscovery suite of products. Last year, CloudNine acquired Law Pre-Discovery and Concordance from Lexis and they have been working to integrate them into their platform. Explore 7.2 is now faster and more scalable for large projects after adding multi-core, multi-threaded processing capabilities, and it connects more seamlessly with LAW.

  • LAW 7.2 now includes more the powerful Turbo Import feature that imports and analyzes data 73 percent faster than LAW 7.0
  • Concordance Desktop 1.07 has 70 percent faster import speeds, adds administrator tools, improves document and email text extraction, and adds new viewer and redaction capabilities
  • Review 2019 has been completely modernized to improve speed, performance, and user experience, and new Family Tagging and Field Grouping is on display at ILTACON

CloudNine is also unveiling a new Office 365 connector later this year that extracts data from Office 365 and automatically loads it into Explore. Doug Austin, VP of Products and Services at CloudNine, says the improvements made to Law and Concordance have “demonstrated to our customers that CloudNine is committed to enhancing these products and implementing the functionality and performance improvements that our customers have wanted for a long time.  In addition to those improvements, CloudNine’s focus is to maximize the deployment flexibility of our product suite to support any implementation model and adaptability to support the customized workflow needs of our customers.”

RelativityOne Continues SaaS Market Growth

Less a new development than a continuing one, Relativity, the leading on-premise eDiscovery platform, announces continued growth of its SaaS-based RelativityOne product. With now more than 50 customers and over 1,500 unique organizations using the platform, customers are taking advantage of the added performance, scalability, and security of RelativityOne.

Relativity is also releasing RelativityOne Collect, their newly developed collection tool. It is Relativity-built and designed to provide customers options for collecting ESI from Office 365 in the Microsoft Azure environment. Right now, it is only available to RelativityOne customers. “We’ve been spending a lot of time making RelativityOne stronger and stronger — better performance, new enhancements, greater global reach — so it’s been really exciting seeing so many customers growing their businesses on the platform,” said Shawn Gaines, VP of marketing at Relativity. “Empowering end users and their partners to easily collect in the cloud is only part of that story, and there’s much more to come.”

iCONECT Integrates with Sentio

On the heels of their announcement last week of a strategic funding initiative intended to grow its market presence, iCONECT is now integrating Sentio’s continuous active learning technology to power the expansion of its existing analytics features. Sentio is already being used worldwide by other large companies, and iCONECT is building workflows that will enhance the use of machine learning in document review and analysis. Development has been ongoing in Q1 and Q2 this year with new releases coming over the near term. CEO Ian Campbell says that the Sentio technology “will power both our new continuous active learning workflow as well as manual review oversight workflow.” For users, this will improve the user experience and make machine learning more intuitive. “Our job as an industry leader is to constantly analyze and look over the horizon, identify innovative ways to address issues, and create simple solutions to assist clients interact with their data,” said Campbell.

Other Developments

Oasis Discovery unveiled a detailed case study that identifies and addresses precisely some of the questions that firms and corporate organizations are faced with when deciding whether to insource or outsource eDiscovery operations software. Oasis CEO Brandon Law says that “the case study represents a roadmap for firms looking to take eDiscovery operations to the next level.” The case study, he says, “would be valuable to any decision maker attempting to decipher the market for legal technology.” Read the case study here.

Reynen Court announced this week the release of the beta version of their SaaS-based subscription service designed to help firms run and manage software subscriptions, infrastructure, and services for new and existing technologies. Stay tuned to Above the Law for more information on this.

LogikCull announces some of the most disruptive pricing ever seen in the industry. CEO Andy Wilson told us that he used a significant portion of a recent funding round to conduct a pricing study. He tripled the size of the engineering team and spent a year on R&D to fulfill the mission of making eDiscovery available to masses, instantly and affordably. The result: $250 per month fixed fee pricing, no user or storage fees, and no data limits. Wilson also told us about a new feature in the LogikCull platform that categorizes audio and video files. Coming soon: Project templates and single sign-on for enterprise customers.

As the week progresses, we will gather additional intelligence from the legal technology community at ILTACON and report it here.

Mike Quartararo

Mike Quartararo is the managing director of eDPM Advisory Services, a consulting firm providing e-discovery, project management and legal technology advisory and training services to the legal industry. He is also the author of the 2016 book Project Management in Electronic Discovery. Mike has many years of experience delivering e-discovery, project management, and legal technology solutions to law firms and Fortune 500 corporations across the globe and is widely considered an expert on project management, e-discovery and legal matter management. You can reach him via email at Follow him on Twitter @edpmadvisory.

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