Academy of Health Sciences and Biomedical Science Partnership

Academy of Health Sciences and Biomedical Science Partnership

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — As the saying goes, children are our future.

Southeast Health is partnering with Dothan City Schools to expose high schoolers to jobs in the medical field.

The biggest lesson here – early exposure to the medical field is good for students and provides more pathways to success

Dothan City Schools Director of Career Tech Education & Workforce Development, Chris Duke says “this is just a great marriage of industry and education coming together for a common goal.”

The partnership, which begins this semester, is meant to be a tool for students.

One of the many goals of this partnership is to allow students to have some more in depth knowledge through job observations, internships,” says Duke.

South East Health’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Kelly Hurt tells us this partnership is a win for the hospital.

She says “Southeast Health will be able to be really involved and to help develop the future pipeline of talent right here in our own community.”

Students will get to experience real life situations.

“The students are going to be able to get a real hands-on experience of a healthcare environment, more so than just what they’re able to get in a classroom setting,” Hurt says.

Southeast will provide funding over the next three years.

In the first year Dothan Technology Center will receive $25,000, and $20,000 in year two and three.

Hurt says the hospital will also be donating equipment “so that they are able to set their classrooms up like a patient room to simulate what a patient room looks like at Southeast Health.”

Once students graduate, Hurt hopes they continue to further their education.

“The goal is really to continue to educate students on the healthcare career choices that they will have in the future and give them the exposure so that they understand more of what it takes to run a hospital,” she says.

Southeast health will begin funding this partnership in October and the classes will be held at Dothan Technology Center.
This is the first partnership of this magnitude in the career tech arena for Dothan city schools.

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