Orem couple sets out to break world record traveling the world

Orem couple sets out to break world record traveling the world

OREM — When a job offer in Europe fell through, a couple with roots in Orem decided to do something epic to make up for that dream that came unraveled. They saved their money, sold everything they owned – even went door to door for sponsors, and started on a journey to break a world record by traveling the world.

“It’s rooted in the love of travel,” said Jordan Egbert, Facetiming from Slovakia with his wife, Chloe.

When they hopped on a plane at the end of May, they expected to get pics from the most popular places in Europe. But, after visiting 23 countries, they’re just getting started, and really getting to know the people and places.

Married three years, Jordan and Chloe wanted to travel the world the way it’s never been done.

“We both just have a huge passion and desire for seeing new cultures, seeing new places,” said Jordan.

May 30th, they left the U.S. with their sights set on breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest visit to every country in the world. But, it’s hardly a race. They take time to truly travel.

“We spend an average of four to five days in each country just so we can get ourselves immersed in the country,” he said.

They’re soaking it in, and making new friends. They travel mainly by train, unless they need to fly, and stay with locals to keep costs down and get a feel for the culture that you don’t get in a hotel.

“We really enjoy staying with locals because we learn just the common phrases like ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ and excuse me,’” said Chloe. “It’s been super fun.”

“We’ve had people reach out to us from all over the world and offer us to come stay with them,” said Jordan.

Consequently, they end up in accommodations ranging from wonderful to workable. Chloe enjoys the glimpse into the family lives of their hosts.

“I get to see how everyone is raising their kids,” she said. “I think it’s seriously incredible just the cultural differences in families.”

They’ve traveled most of western Europe, and are in Slovakia, right now. So far, they’ve visited 23 out of 196 countries recognized by the United Nations. Next, they’re off to Hungary, then Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Their favorite place so far is Austria, where they had a chance to enjoy time in the high mountains.

As they travel, they gain insight from the challenges.

“If you’re doing multiple things every day that make you uncomfortable, soon you’ll be comfortable doing uncomfortable things,” said Jordan.

If all goes as planned, it’s a two year trip. They’ll finish up in June 2021. You can follow their progress Counting Countries on YouTube and Instagram.

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