How to Destroy All Life on Earth: the Story About the Carrot and the Earthworm

Once upon a time, there was this farmer, who grew fruits and vegetables for the primary purpose of harvesting the seeds, to sell to gardeners and other farmers. In this article I will be focusing on carrots, and the top soil, in which they are grown. As I tell you this story, I am going to point out the terrible things that can happen to this carrot, as it goes from “step to step” to get to it’s final destination, which will be in some body’s stomach, and the devastating effects, this sequence of events, can have on the whole world.

This farmer, who is growing fruits and vegetables, is definitely organic, and would close down his business, rather than adulterate any of his produce with chemical fertilizers and man made herbicides. He has been at this business so long, that he knows that his produce is pure organic.

When this farmer, puts a carrot seed into his soil, he knows that his soil is full of humus (decayed vegetable matter) and has lots of earthworm castings (purest fertilizer available) and he has never used manure from any animal. He does not like the idea of eating food that has been “eating” manure from animals.

It is natural for animals to defecate, and for these feces to drop on the ground and to stay there, until the natural process of decay returns this manure to the soil. But man found out that if he plowed this stuff into the soil it acted as a good fertilizer. The problem is that when this done, and plants develop on this raw manure, bacteria such as e.coli will be drawn right into the vegetables that are grown in that soil. Then when people eat those vegetables it will sicken them and sometimes will cause death. This is the reason why all manure should be composted, so that all bacteria, in that manure, is destroyed.

Since he has never used chemicals or poisons anywhere on his farm, he knows that his soil is a virtual paradise for countless micro-organisms and earthworms.

Once this carrot is grown to maturity and the seeds harvested, they are packaged and sold to his customers. One particular buyer of these seeds, is not an organic farmer. He is a corporate farmer and uses chemical fertilizers and sprays his soil with herbicides (poison) to kill weeds. He also is one of these farmers who uses the plow – disc – drag – plant system. This type of cultivation is very destructive to top soil because it expose the soil to evaporation by the sun and erosion by the wind. Once the soil is dried out, it takes very little wind to just blow away the top soil that the farmer needs in which to plant his crops.

Remember the dust bowl? That is the type of cultivation that contributed to the devastation of farming in America in the 1930’s. Top soil by the tons, was blown away, in dust storms, which carried away that top soil for hundreds of miles. Because this corporate farmer also uses chemical fertilizers and herbicides, his soil is virtually lifeless of micro-organisms, healthy bacteria and earthworms. The chemical and herbicide (poison) farmer is bound to kill off earthworms in his soil by poisoning them and feeding them chemical fertilizer.

His plow + disc + drag + planting system = soil devastation to the top soil eventually. In other words, instead of healthy soil, he has nothing but DEAD DIRT in which to plant his seeds in, and the only way anything can grow there, is because of the chemical fertilizer he uses. There is “no way” that food grown in this manner can be as healthy as the organic way.

There is another method of soil cultivation that is gaining converts the world around. This new system is called NO-TILL. With no-till, various systems are used where the top soil is not turned over to be dried out by the sun and blown away by the wind. The no-till system is better than the plow, disc and drag system because it conserves top soil, helps to retain moisture in the soil and saves countless microorganism, microbes, grubs and earthworms that live in the soil. This is quite close to the way nature builds top soil, which is to allow plants to grow, distribute seed, die off in the fall, decay through the winter which returns organic matter to the top soil. Since no cultivation occurs in nature, top soil is not blown away. The no-till system uses this same system but speeds up the process by planting cover crops to increase the volume of plants that are put down for adding humus to the soil.

And still another system of soil cultivation is by using a rototiller. A rototiller is a type of cultivator which churns the soil and mixes completely anything which is growing in the soil. This system is the most superior type of system to put organic matter immediately into the soil to rapidly build humus and feed the earthworm population. This is a rapid way to build top soil and increase humus. The more you feed earthworms, the faster they will breed, which multiplies the earthworm castings that are deposited in the soil. The faster you can produce humus, which retains moisture, the less likely soil will be dried out and blown away, until the next crop is grown.

Many years ago, I was an avid reader of Organic Gardening And Farming Magazine. In one of those issues, I read about a farmer who used only a disc for cultivation. He would make only one pass, over the field to be planted, because behind the disc he also pulled his planter at the same time. He also had a system to plant certain legumes as cover crops to be disc-ed into the soil for putting certain nutrients back into the soil and to feed the earthworms and build humus. In a few years of this system, his earthworm population increased tremendously. Each earthworm will put his weight of castings (earthworm fertilizer) back in the soil every day. He claimed, that with this system, he built “one inch” of new top soil every year.

Of all the individual ecosystems found on earth, “none of them” are as important as the ecosystem, of the top soil, all around the world. Except for seafood and some trees, every bit of food, that man on earth consumes, comes from the few inches of top soil, that farmers and gardeners use to grow our food. “DESTROY THAT”, and the world starves to death. So the earthworm becomes the most important creature on earth and the environmentalist, all over the world, should do everything in their power to put the earthworm on “The Most Endangered Species List” and force farmers all over the world to go organic. Save the earthworm and save humanity.

So, this chemical/poison farmer has grown this carrot and sells it wholesale to a grocery store. In the process of transporting fruits and vegetables to the retail store, it is important to keep all produce under refrigeration to insure that it is kept as fresh as possible. Also, once the produce reaches the retail store, it is important to keep produce under refrigeration to keep it fresh. But this particular carrot wasn’t taken care of properly and was no longer fresh. The store owner doesn’t think it looks very good, so he uses some sort of orange dye on it to make it look better. After all, he has bought this stuff and he wants to make some money off it.

If you think that grocery store personnel would never stoop to such practices, you are just uninformed. For instance, I eat a lot of raw broccoli because broccoli has more nutrients than any other vegetable. Every time I go to eat broccoli, I cut off the tops and throw the bottoms away because 95% of the nutrients are in the tops. After I cut off the tops, I always put these in a large bowl of water, to wash off any dust etc. that may be there. One time, when I did this, the water turned DARK GREEN. I picked up some of those tops and smelled them and they were rotten. The store owner had seen that the broccoli was past it’s prime because it was turning light green and so he put dye on it to make it look fresh. By the time I bought that broccoli it LOOKED fine, but underneath all that dye, it was ROTTEN.

So, a woman comes to the store and buys this carrot, that has been grown in chemical/poisonous soil, along with some more carrots from the same source and takes them home for supper. She cleans off the carrots and cuts off the top 1 inch of the carrots where most of the food value is.

Next she decides to scrape off the skin of the carrot. This is also a big mistake. The outer covering or skin of fruits and vegetables are the protective covering or skin that nature puts there to protect the carrot from insects and bacteria. When people eat the outer covering of MOST fruits and vegetables, they are putting the same protection into their bodies that protected the fruit or vegetable.

Next she decides to practically destroy the carrots completely by tossing them in a pot and boiling them to “so much mush”. Cooking always destroys food value depending on the type of cooking and duration of cooking time. Then to heap “insult on injury” to this mess, she decides to put sugar, spices, etc. into this stuff to make it taste better to please her family.

Since she has been feeding her family this way and basically giving them so much DEAD FOOD for so long, they are always coming down with all kinds of illnesses and she just doesn’t understand why.

She takes her family to the local doctor, who tries to treat them with this drug or that drug or this antibiotic or that antibiotic and even though he may treat the symptoms and make them feel better for awhile, no real healing takes place because drugs and antibiotics are not natural and not healing.

Moral of This Story:

The Creator or God or Nature, by whatever name you want to call Him, made the carrot. He also made the seed for the carrot. Man can work with God or against Him. He made us humans and He alone knows what is best for us. He made the carrot with the right combination of nutrients suited for the well being of our bodies. When we humans get it into our heads to IMPROVE (?) on what the Maker has created for us, we take a big chance that we will “screw things up” and cause ourselves a lot of trouble.

When you go into a grocery store you are only going to see two different kinds of food. The first kind of food is that which is produced by nature like raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts, legumes, etc. The second kind of food you will see is that which is produced by people in factories. Which kind of food, in general, do you think is the best for you to eat, the natural kind or the unnatural kind?

The top soil all around the world, is the only place where we can grow most of the food that we need for our survival. If this is destroyed, then our destruction is certain. If mankind will just concentrate on the earthworm’s survival then we will survive. A good illustration of what I say here is shown in the early coal mining business. The reason miners used to carry a “canary in a cage” into the mines was to warn them to get out of the mine if the canary died. When the canary died they knew the air was bad and for them to vacate the mine as soon as possible.

Source by Donald Ballard