Wellness Doctors

It’s unfortunate that the only time most people go a doctor is when they’re already sick or hurt. Older persons are particularly prone to putting off visits and checkups. Wellness doctors are the team leaders in a proactive program for getting and staying healthy and fit. Wellness is a concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, good eating habits, weight control and positive attitude improvements.

Not every physician is certified to practice wellness medicine. There is a system and theory to the whole concept that differs from curative medicine, it’s preventive medicine. Wellness specialists work with their clients and educate them in how to live a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a proper sleeping pattern, consuming the right quantities of water, taking reasonable supplements where there is a real deficiency and establishing a way of life that keeps aging in check. Good lifestyle habits, reducing intake of caffeine, eliminating tobacco products and engaging in social activities. Healthy people are social, enjoy exercise and sports and generally live longer and depression free lives.

Working with a wellness physician is an excellent choice Instead of seeking relief from illness through medication and therapy, natural products, fruits and vegetables prevent the problems before they start. The cost of prescription drugs is many times that of fresh, unprocessed foods. Wellness doctors counsel and advise healthy eating habits and the results are always positive.

A moderate exercise program, designed to accommodate the physical capabilities of the client is always a good idea. Aerobic and strength building exercise keep lungs and muscles at their best. Blood flow, oxygen capacity and weight control are products of a good and well planned fitness plan. The social connections are also extremely important as well.

Wellness practitioners are constantly studying the latest data on nutrition and exercise and tailor the information to their clients’ needs. There is constant research in nutrients and exercise theory and the media all too often publicizes contradictory findings, confusing most of us. It takes expertise and years of study to be able to correctly analyze much of this research and apply it safely to actual people. The wellness specialist is the best guide to the individual client’s program, not a “talking head” on television.

There’s no time like now to decide to find a wellness certified doctor and design a program for better health and living. Living long, living well and being productive are excellent goals and very achievable with a wellness program. You owe it to yourself.

Source by Melissa Kempf