‘Technology Hasn’t Eliminated Jobs’: Kevin Connelly

'Technology Hasn't Eliminated Jobs': Kevin Connelly

Kevin Connelly
Image: Mexy Xavier

Spencer Stuart, a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm, in July launched a new business unit focussing on culture & engagement, leadership development and talent advisory. Known as Kincentric: A Spencer Stuart Company, the entity was acquired from Aon. Kevin Connelly, CEO of Kincentric, speaks to Forbes India about the impact of technology on jobs. Excerpts:

Q. How have things changed in the talent acquisition space globally?
A lot has changed, although it isn’t homogenous… More companies look at talent in a global way than they did 25 years ago. Technology has made information and knowledge more ubiquitous, thanks to the internet. And so the importance of talent, as a differentiating factor between organisations, has been elevated.

Q. To what extent have jobs been affected because of technology and artificial intelligence?
Technology hasn’t really eliminated jobs. The importance of personal touch, relationships and judgement will continue to be important. Artificial intelligence (AI), as of now, can’t make the fine distinction of things that make us all ‘human’, like moral judgements. 

Q. What are some of the challenges that companies face today?
There are some big, strategic challenges around AI, machine learning, big data and digitisation. And there are things that have been leading to privacy and data security issues.

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