How To Satisfy A Man In Bed and Drive Him Crazy!

This article will provide essential tips on exactly how to satisfy a man in bed and drive him crazy. Men are different, but when it comes to keeping them satisfied in bed all men are basically the same. I am going to give you several activities you can do that will help satisfy nearly 100% of men, so read carefully ladies:

– Stay attractive. Obviously it's easier said than done for some but make daily attempts to keep fit and healthy through a disciplined diet and regular exercise. Staying healthy and fit will not only keep you more attractive in your man's eyes, but it will help you sustain confidence in bed as well. Most men are attracted to confidence in bed and it will help you satisfy a man in bed and drive him crazy.

– Communicate each other's fantasies, and then live them. Almost all of us, men and women alike have sexual fantasies. Typically our lack of confidence or insecurities hold us back from fulfilling them and letting our fantasies become a reality. Ask him about his fantasies and don't be offended if he's blunt or his fantasy comes off as unusual. Laugh at his fantasy and most likely he'll pursue an alternate route to fulfill it.

– If you truly want to learn how to satisfy a man in bed and drive him crazy, you will have to elevate your oral skills to optimal levels. You need to take ownership and pride in your skills on this front. I'm sorry, but it's true. Guys that don't receive good oral often become consumed by an oral void in their life. Again, excuse the candor but its true. Don't let his mind wander on this front and think about the grass being greener somewhere else. Learn it, live it, love it!

– Sexual monotony is a relationship killer. To men, without effort, everything gets old. How many cases of Hollywood infidelity have we seen in which the adulteress husband pursues an individual less attractive than his spouse? The reason is everything gets old unless you keep it fresh. Marriage takes work, and sexual fulfillment is a subset of marriage. It is work people! Get creative, spontaneous, and maybe even a little crazy.

– To put it simply, give him what he wants. If you truly want to learn how to satisfy a man in bed this is probably the most important activity. In general, men like to have control between the sheets. When it comes to sex, we have a vision of what we want and when we want it. An essential step in reaching optimal pleasure is to communicate with each other with those wants we all desire. Ask him questions. Most men will gladly provide direction every step of the way. Verbalizing those thoughts is a turn on for most men. After you determine what he wants and how he wants it, all you have to do is execute!

If you have had questions on how to satisfy a man in bed I hope you have found this article helpful.

Source by Chip Sanderson