Climber rescued after possibly breaking ankle on The Chief

Stawamus Chief climber fall

Squamish Search and Rescue worked with firefighters and paramedics to get an injured climber safely into a waiting ambulance after the man took a tumble while leading a group up the Stawamus Chief Friday.

The call came in just before 11:00 a.m. about a climber on the cliff face with a possible broken ankle.

“The lead climber took about a 15-foot fall, which isn’t abnormal in climbing,” said SAR manager Tyler Duncan. “Unfortunately he hit a bit of a ledge on the way down and injured his ankle.”

According to Squamish SAR, the man was with two other very experienced climbers and despite his injury, they were able to help him safely get down to the ground.

From there, firefighters and SAR volunteers used a stretcher board to carry the man about 500 metres from the base of the cliff to paramedics waiting in the parking lot.

He seemed in good spirits, waving to a CTV News camera as he was being taken to a waiting ambulance.

Squamish SAR says August is shaping up to be a very busy month.

“The last few weeks have really picked up, about one or two calls a day,” said Duncan. “Some of them have been quite extended calls.”

Two of the rescues in the Tantalus Mountains lasted two to three days each due to weather.

The team has also assisted with recovery after two seperate fatalities on The Chief this summer.

“It’s taking a toll on the team for sure,” said Duncan.

He said rescues in remote and technically challenging locations take longer so he encouraged people to come prepared when enjoying the outdoors in and around Squamish, and be patient if they find themselves in need of rescue.  

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