24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The battery

There’s a 4,300mAh battery tucked inside the Note10+, and that’s the most capacious Samsung has ever squeezed into one of its Notes. It’s hard to draw many meaningful conclusions here after only a day, but I will say that I pulled the Note of its box at 7:45AM and it was down to around 10 percent by 6PM. (That said, I suspect some prolonged periods where I was listening to YouTube videos with the screen off didn’t help.) For what it’s worth at this point, Samsung’s battery info reported about 5.5 hours of screen-on time when I finally plugged it in, but I’ll dig into this further.

Creator features

I had a few people on Twitter ask me how the Note 10+ stacks up as a tool for creators, especially now that Samsung axed the headphone jack. I spent most of yesterday playing with the S Pen, and didn’t have the chance to really dig into Samsung’s home-brew video editing app, or whether the crazy zoom-in audio feature really does hone in on subjects in the frame. I will, however, be visiting my goddaughter for her birthday this weekend, so expect lots of cute test footage and AR doodles when publish our full review.

Unfinished business

I was really looking forward to trying out the Note 10’s new DeX features — instead of plugging the phone into a separate monitor you happen to have lying around, you can connect to a Windows or Mac computer and run the full DeX interface in a window. Unfortunately, that requires a companion app for your computer which won’t be available until the Notes are officially released on August 23, but I’m confident I’ll have time to test it properly before then. Same goes for PlayGalaxyLink, that lets you stream any game installed on your PC to your Galaxy Note. It sounds like a potentially great reason toinvest in a 5G Galaxy Note, but for now, we’ll have just to wait a bit longer

Oh, one final thing: I’ve been paying close attention to the questions people have been sharing with on Twitter, so drop me a line there if there’s something you’re particularly curious about. One question did come up more frequently on Twitter than I had expected, so I’ll just my answer here for posterity:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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