Paul O’Neill completes Yankees torture of Gary Thorne

Paul O'Neill completes Yankees torture of Gary Thorne

Not every announcer enjoys “Gleyber Day” as much as John Sterling.

Orioles play-by-play man Gary Thorne appears to have been broken by Gleyber Torres and the 13 home runs the Yankees second baseman has hit against Baltimore this season. 

“Way back left field, you gotta be kidding me. Goodbye home run!” Thorne said after Torres’ third home run of the day in the Yankees’ doubleheader sweep before briefly falling into an exasperated silence.

“You have to put four fingers up when Torres comes to the plate because when he comes around third, it’s too late.”

YES Network analyst Paul O’Neill, clearly sensing Thorne’s pain, then comes into MASN’s booth to rub in the fact the Yankees were about to win their 14th straight game against the awful Orioles.

“I am going to go tell Gary Thorne I have seen enough, too,” O’Neill says on the WPIX broadcast.

“Paul O’Neill is giving me a hard time. Go back to your own booth,” Thorne tells him.

“He’s probably out of words, too,” Orioles analyst Jim Palmer responds.

“I am out of words,” Thorne said, before adding three short ones to sum up the team’s pain.

“Oh my gosh.”

Back in May, when Torres hit his 10th home run of the season against the Orioles, Thorne was similarly distraught.

”I … I don’t know. Goodbye. Home run. I … I just … You just cannot imagine this happening in Major League Baseball, or any other place in baseball,” Thorne said while watching Torres’ latest dinger sail into the O’s bullpen in left center field. “He is just unstoppable and it is all home runs against the Orioles.”

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