Governing Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

This joint report from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and Marsh & McLennan Insights, offers a new roadmap for successful corporate governance in the digital age. It draws from primary research conducted through interviews with company directors as well as a survey of 200 NACD members.

It outlines five foundational principles to help prepare directors for navigating the complexities of digital transformation and emerging technologies:

  1. Approach emerging technologies as a strategic imperative, not just an operational issue;
  2. Develop collective, continuous technology-specific learning and development goals;
  3. Align board structure and composition to reflect the growing significance of technology as a driver of both growth and risk;
  4. Demand frequent and forward-looking reporting on technology-related initiatives; and
  5. Periodically assess the organization’s leadership, talent and culture-readiness for technological change.

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