Bee attack results in fatality | Breaking News

Bee attack results in fatality | Breaking News

According to the Cochise County Sheriff report, at approximately 2:35 pm authorities were called to a medical emergency regarding a bee attack. A sheriff deputy located the vehicle transporting the victims while it was traveling at a high speed outside of San Simon. Once the officer stopped the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle told him that his father had been stung and was allergic to bees.

When the officer opened the vehicle’s door, he was stung by the bees which were still in the car. After opening the door the responding deputy saw the 73 year old male from Dunkin Arizona in the back of the car, and noted that he was unresponsive.

Due to the fact that there were so many bees in the car, the officer found it impossible to conduct CPR. According to the report, the deputy instructed the driver of the vehicle to roll down the vehicle’s windows and follow the deputy a short distance to rendezvous with the San Simon Fire Department medics.

The 73 year old man from Duncan Arizona died from the bee attack. The driver of the vehicle, a 43 year old man from Animas New Mexico, survived the incident alongside a third unnamed man.

According to the report, the bee attack occurred at Atkins Farm Road, where the elderly man and his son were cleaning up scrap piles with a group when they found the bees. The bees swarmed and attacked. The 43 year old man was airlifted to Tucson alongside the unnamed man who was involved in the incident for further treatment.

The responding Cochise County Sheriff’s Office deputy also received medical treatment for his bee stings. At this point, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation.

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