Free soil workshop August 9 will introduce ground-breaking data technology

Free soil workshop August 9 will introduce ground-breaking data technology

DYSART, Iowa (KWWL) – A free, two-hour workshop on Friday, August 9 in Dysart will introduce ground-breaking technology that provides soil biology data.  Hosted by North Iowa Agronomy Partners and Trace Genomics, Soil At Work aims to give growers the tools and information they need on the new technology.  Jeremy Sills, agronomy consultant with North Iowa Agronomy Partners, calls it “a game-changer.”

“As agronomists, whether we’re looking at diseases, insect issues or overall plant health, understanding the soil’s impact is a real challenge” said Sills. “You can make decisions after problems arise, or use a tool that gives you detailed soil data and analysis up front to mitigate any problems from the start.”

The technology works like this, according to Trace Genomics:

“Simply collect and send samples with a soil collection kit. Trace Genomics then uses a proprietary DNA extraction and sequencing process to identify and quantify millions of microbes in the soil. The data is decoded, using high-speed, cost-efficient data analysis to compare against a large and growing set of soil data. Trace Genomics then helps growers make the best decisions for their fields based on data-driven, evidence-based information that’s easily accessible on their customer portal.”

“Thanks to new technology, agronomists and farmers are in a position to know as much about the soil under their feet as they do about what’s happening above ground. It eliminates the guesswork,” said Pat Dumstorff, Row Crop Business Lead with Trace Genomics.

Soil At Work will be held at the Dysart City Community Building (418 Main Street) from 8 to 10 a.m.  Breakfast will be included.

Register at or call Trace Genomics at (650) 332-6661.

“Soil is a grower’s most valuable asset.” – Pat Dumstorff of Trace Genomics

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