How Technology And Social Media Have Created Negative Impacts On Dating And Relationships With Family And Friends


All of our connections have become more virtual than real these days.

By Punit Raja SuryaChandra

Technology is quickly becoming a remarkably essential element of our daily lives.

Today, it has completely taken over our lives, we use it for every tiny matter, and it has without any reservations, permanently revolutionized how we keep in contact with the rest of the world.

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The situation has shifted even more significantly for somebody who uses social media sites continuously throughout the day.

On the surface, these people seem to be very successful and active with a ton of friends and supporters.

Sadly, most of them have never and presumably will never meet each other in real life or even speak on the phone.

Still, they communicate with many of those people on a daily basis, but only a very few of those are part of their real lives.

Not to name, many of us prefer to share the most private and confidential details of our personal lives on a public stage.

This practice is gradually becoming more of the new style of socializing, decreasing earlier held notions of secrecy, safety, and private space.

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