Two more unannounced iPads turn up in Apple filings

There appear to be three families in the mix: one A2000-series iPad (A2068), two A2100-series variants (A2197 and A2198) and four A2200 editions (A2200, A2228, A2230 and A2232). This doesn’t mean Apple will announce three completely different iPads, but it does suggest there will be some distinctions. At present, the most likely candidates may be a revamp of the base iPad (possibly due for a larger 10.2-inch screen) as well as refreshes of the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros.

Such an overhaul wouldn’t be surprising. Apple has been aggressively updating its iPads in 2019, with new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini as well as plans for more powerful iPadOS software. More hardware could both keep buyers coming and serve as a showcase for what iPadOS can do.

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