Technology concern rallies to be held across Iowa; FCC response

Technology concern rallies to be held across Iowa; FCC response

Rallies are being held in many Iowa locations on Saturday amid some concern about the upcoming rise of 5G technology.

In a press release from the organizations Health Freedom Iowa and Iowans for Responsible Technology, rallies are being held across Iowa to express health and environmental concerns about the imminent fifth generation (5G) of wireless technology.  The groups note that radio-frequency radiation (RF) is noted to be a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The rallies are being held in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Des Moines.

These rallies are part of a larger movement by many organizations concerned about advancing technology called the 5G National Day of Action, which was held in many cities across the country primarily on May 15th.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has responded to similar inquiries about advancing wireless tech in the past, most notably in an August 2018 statement addressing rising public concern about technological safety and regulation, saying,  “While these assertions have gained increased public attention, currently no scientific evidence establishes a causal link between wireless device use and cancer or other illnesses.” The statement features answers to other popular technology concerns and lists tips for technological safety.

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