Penis Sensation Protection: Common Sense Tips

Clearly, there are numerous reasons to practice appropriate penis health strategies, including the fact that a healthier penis is likely to simply function on a more acceptable level. Penis health includes maintaining penis sensation at a level such that the physical manipulation of the penis, by whatever means, produces pleasurable reactions in a man. Of course, as with other aspects of the organ, penis sensation can be diminished – so guys are encouraged to follow these tips which can help to better protect desirable penis sensation.


– Lubrication is an important penis ally. Whether masturbating or penetrating, a fellow needs to be sure that there is sufficient lubrication so that his penis doesn’t get rubbed raw. Sexual activity without sufficient lubrication can damage the delicate nerves in the penis which are responsible for creating the glorious sensations that really are a primary motivating factor for having sex. Sure, sometimes in the moment, wild, uninhibited, unlubricated sex can feel great and can produce an intense orgasm – but the damage it can do can make subsequent excursions less pleasurable, and there can be a significant time delay before appropriate sensitivity has been restored.

Wear the right size condom. A condom that is too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable (and can interfere with the effectiveness of the condom), but it can also affect penis sensation. A too tight condom may press too hard on the nerve endings; a too loose one can rub and irritate those endings as well. Getting the proper fit is essential – even if it means a guy has to admit to being of average size rather than extra large.

Underwear is there – use it. Sure, every so often it can be fun to “go commando” and walk around with no underwear underneath one’s trousers. But trouser fabric is rougher than soft cotton underwear, and too much time with an “unfurnished basement” can result in the penis rubbing away sensitivity.

But make sure it fits right. So wearing underwear is key – but not underwear that is too tight. When the gear is too snug, it can impede proper blood circulation, which can in turn lead to a feeling of numbness in the penis. This doesn’t mean a guy has to avoid briefs and wear only loose-fitting boxers – just to make sure that the tighty whiteys aren’t TOO tight.

Switch things up. Variety in terms of how the penis is handled can help keep penis sensation intact. This is generally more important in masturbation than in partner sex; when engaged in partner sex, even if the same position is used frequently, there is some slight variation in angle, force of thrust, etc. But often with masturbation, a guy follows a very set pattern which can “wear down” the penis. Adding some variety to the routine by switching hands, concentrating on a different part of the penis, adding in sex toys, relaxing the grip a bit, or rubbing the penis with a soft, smooth fabric can help prevent a guy from masturbating away valuable penis sensitivity.

Another of our tips for maintaining proper penis sensation also benefits general penis health: simply make the application of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) part of one’s daily regimen. It is essential that the chosen crème contains an ingredient which plays a role in maintaining penis sensation, such as L-carnitine. This amino acid is neuroprotective and a welcome boost to keeping the manhood proper sensitized. It also helps to find a crème that contains a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. By reducing excess free radicals and fighting oxidative stress, this antioxidant helps strengthen penis skin so that it is more resilient.

Source by John Dugan